No, it is not snowing in the picture.  For all you who wish to "Debunk" the photo; I'm not a trick photographer or master manipulator on the web, it is not dust particles because they are way too large and the Olde Marco Inn does not have an infestation of fireflies in their attic!! These are orbs, flat cloudy disk.  It is believed orbs are visible evidence of spirits.  At times you can see faces in the orb.  Orbs manifest to communicate, at times they can come in a range of different colors.

White - As you see in the picture is a connection with a spirit with a higher source of energy.  White is a positive energy.  It means either the spirit is there for protection or may be trapped in a dimension.

Clear - Is the spirit is trying to communicate with you.  It is letting the living know that something significant happened at this location and the spirit wants help moving on.  Many of these Orbs appear in battlefields.

Blue - Is associated with physic energy and truth.  It is a spirit offering their guidance.

Gray or Smokey - It represents a spiritual depression or fear.  This entity lacks total spiritual awareness.

Black or Brown - Can be associated with evil, not always the case.  These orbs may be showing you an area that is unsafe or negative in nature.  If you feel uncomfortable…leave!!

Red or Orange - Associated with safety and security.  There are strong emotions attached to these entities such as anger, and passion.  Whatever the case may be, they could be assigned to look over your wellbeing, your protector.

Green - Green is not envy, it is associated with the heart.  These orbs don't have to be human forms.  Could be your pet that never left your side.  Most associated with nature  's energy.

So…got Orbs?