Oh yes, big success last night on our opening tour.  Our guest loved the new location "The Marco Island Historical Museum".  It is the most stunning location in regards to viewing Marco Island's early history.  The beautiful murals painted by local artist are wrapped around the building.  I  couldn't have asked for a better depiction of paintings to correlate with my stories of "days gone by". It is even better in the daylight; however you may not feel the presence of a ghostly visitor.  Three places in which I can guarantee  99% ghostly visitors are museums, antique shops and theaters.  Think about it, a place where you store, host and collect a host of artifacts, treasures from the past, and personal belongings of loved ones will certainly draw attention.  Most of these types of "hauntings" are very drawn to what was once "theirs" or decorated in the style and living quarters they were most accustomed too.  Well darlings, the museum is loaded with such items.   Martha will not give up who is there, you need to hear the stories for yourself (yes, listen to the sound of my evil laugh just about now).  Hope to see you on the next scheduled tour, you won't be disappointed…isn't that right Caroline?

From Martha's ghost journals