Missed the tour on October 27th? Won't be around for the Holidays for the next scheduled tour on December 1st? Why not schedule your own private tour with Martha, Regional and the Dahlia. Take a large group - the tour bus can hold 28 passengers or if you are very popular we can do a charter bus of 50+. The other option is a smaller tour which can hold 2-7 persons (as long as you didn't have a big dinner and we can all fit). Extra bit of scariness is Martha's driving (just an extra bit of fright for the night). Do you get car or bus sick, well the gang can come to your party! Invite us to your clubhouse, function, or personal space. As long as the bathrooms are clean and Martha is treated to a glass of wine…we should be in good shape. We love to do weddings, family reunions, vacation crowds - something to keep your guest busy and out of your hair…that's us. If you want us to lose them, you need to pay extra (again my evil laugh). Contact Martha on her website at See you around the town!
Cheers, Martha