Now do you believe?

This is a photo taken on one of our most recent tours. No, it is not a giant dust particle, nor the flash from a ghost seekers camera, nor Martha’s thumb! This is one of our two guest whom reside at the Old Marco Inn. This shot was taken in one of the original hotel guest rooms on the second floor. It amazingly appeared and headed right toward Martha’s phone cam. The second photo shows the same bright light taken seconds before moving from the top left hand corner towards the mirror. Lots of screams and plenty of ghost seekers left with their mouths wide open in amazement.  We call this an orb and it can best be described as the energy of a spirit or ghost. Oh yes Virginia there is a difference between a spirit and a ghost. As much as Martha would love to identity who exactly revealed themselves, this is reserved for our visitors on the tour. Want to know the difference between a ghost and a spirit? Oh bugger, that’s reserved for our guest only too…so sorry (not). Although we never guarantee a paranormal experience, we haven’t missed yet in five years. Don’t forget if you can’t make a regular schedule tour, you can book what we call “Private, Privates” with 2 – 5 guest. All it takes is a phone call to our tour operator Ms. Gina Sisbarro (Martha’s good sister) at 239-537-8353.

From Martha’s Ghost Journal