Welcome to the The Marco Hotel, well way back in 1896. Today it is known as the Olde Marco Inn and Suites. This coming year this hjstoric site will celebrate her 123rd birthday. The original hotel had 20 rooms, a parlor, dining area and bathroom. Certainly one of the grandest hotels of it's time. It has survived four major hurricanes, including our latest visitor Hurricane Irma. As our grandparents would say, "They don't build them like they used too!!". It couldn't be more true of a statement, the grand lady in all its splendor is still standing with the restudant doors of Bistro Soleil wide open serving the best of fine dining on Marco Island. What makes the hotel so unique is we still have some of the islands original guest still taking up residence in two of the twenty rooms. Would you care to hear their story? Martha your hostess on the tour has "the skinny" on the tragic tale of romance and murder.