In the Isla Mujeres lies two beautifully haunting cemeteries. One is in town where you will find the tomb of Caribbean Pirate named Fermin Mundaca. Fermin a 19th Century pirate turned slave trader fell in love with a local woman known as La Triguena (the brunette). To win her love, he built a two story mansion complete with gardens and gracefull archways. His hearts desire rejected his love and married a fellow tribesman. Afterall why would she marry a man that enslaved her own people to build the mansion. Heart broken Mundaca died, but not before he built himself a tomb where he claims lies his broken heart. The Hacienda still exist, in total ruins, however Martha enjoys exploring a tragic love story. Oh by the way do not visit at night, two forbidden lovers from the island hung themselves at the Hacienda. They couldn't have picked a more perfect place to represent what was lost. The staff claims you hear the couple crying from the very tree they choose to end their lives together. They do not dare venture within the gates themselves!!

From the Journals of Martha