Holiday Tour

November 13, 2018By marcoghostUncategorized

Although we are in the throes of trick or treating, this is the first sign that the “Spirits of Christmas” are drawing nearer! Sign up for our special holiday tour on December 14th. Don your Santa, elf or reindeer hats and celebrate with the spirits of Marco while learning the history of the island. Martha … Read More

Got Orbs?

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No, it is not snowing in the picture.  For all you who wish to “Debunk” the photo; I’m not a trick photographer or master manipulator on the web, it is not dust particles because they are way too large and the Olde Marco Inn does not have an infestation of fireflies in their attic!! These … Read More

Antiques and Haunts

September 15, 2018By marcoghostUncategorized

Antiques and Haunts…Arcadia FL has both!! If you love history, antiquing and small town flavor, place Arcadia on your top ten list of things to do!  Head downtown and you will be hit with antique shops and malls from all different directions.  If you love antiques as much as Martha (that’s me), you are in … Read More

The Congress Hotel

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One of my favorite cites to visit is Chicago and I love the history and ghost tours associated with “My Kind of Town”. The Congress Hotel has been known to have more guest die than any other local hotel. Don’t know if that is a good selling point for the hotel, however for Martha “book … Read More

Legends Surrounding Route 66

September 10, 2018By marcoghostUncategorized

Amazing enough the start of Route 66 begins in the Chicago on the corner of E. Michigan Ave and E Adams St. So can you get your “kicks from Route 66”? Well if kicks means CREEPY than you will get a big kick! Route 66 has in total 2,451 miles that runs across the United … Read More

Booking Your Tour

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Greetings to all our Mystery and History Fans! Thank you for all the numerous phone calls we have recently received. As soon as we were announced one of the Top Ten “Things to do on Marco Island” our phone has been ringing off the hook! SO, here is some background information when booking a tour… … Read More

The Mystery Behind the Versace Mansion

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It has been 20 years since the death of Versace and the events that unfolded around South Beach.  The horror of serial killer Andrew Cunanan and the mystery behind him left the Miami Beach House on the auction block for three years without a single buyer.  An intrigued investor finally purchased the home for 19 … Read More

Tea Room

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How do you catch a ghostly visitor? Notice the mist gathered in the room. The fame tea room did not have a cloud formation go through; it did have one or more visitors taking a seat for a cup of tea. Great trip for you ladies with the “red hats”.

Harry Houdini

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Our delightful owner Scott, holding Harry Houdini’s death certificate. You can’t stump Martha, not only did she recognize the world famous magician, she knew how he died! Certificate verified the story.

Haunted Getaway

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If you are looking for a haunted getaway, look no further than the quiet panhandle of Monticello, Fla. The history traces back as far as the early nineteenth century. Identifiably nine known haunts locations. To start with there is “a hanging tree” just outside of the courthouse. The tree is an estimated 250 years old … Read More