Antiques and Haunts

Antiques and Haunts…Arcadia FL has both!! If you love history, antiquing and small town flavor, place Arcadia on your top ten list of things to do!  Head downtown and you will be hit with antique shops and malls from all different directions.  If you love antiques as much as Martha (that’s me), you are in … Read More

The Congress Hotel

One of my favorite cites to visit is Chicago and I love the history and ghost tours associated with “My Kind of Town”. The Congress Hotel has been known to have more guest die than any other local hotel. Don’t know if that is a good selling point for the hotel, however for Martha “book … Read More

Legends Surrounding Route 66

Amazing enough the start of Route 66 begins in the Chicago on the corner of E. Michigan Ave and E Adams St. So can you get your “kicks from Route 66”? Well if kicks means CREEPY than you will get a big kick! Route 66 has in total 2,451 miles that runs across the United … Read More