The Marco Hotel

Welcome to the The Marco Hotel, well way back in 1896. Today it is known as the Olde Marco Inn and Suites. This coming year this hjstoric site will celebrate her 123rd birthday. The original hotel had 20 rooms, a parlor, dining area and bathroom. Certainly one of the grandest hotels of it’s time. It … Read More

Isla Mujeres

In the Isla Mujeres lies two beautifully haunting cemeteries. One is in town where you will find the tomb of Caribbean Pirate named Fermin Mundaca. Fermin a 19th Century pirate turned slave trader fell in love with a local woman known as La Triguena (the brunette). To win her love, he built a two story … Read More

Missed the most recent tour???

PRIVATE TOURS AVAILABLE   Missed the tour on October 27th? Won’t be around for the Holidays for the next scheduled tour on December 1st? Why not schedule your own private tour with Martha, Regional and the Dahlia. Take a large group – the tour bus can hold 28 passengers or if you are very popular … Read More

The Marco Island Historical Museum

Oh yes, big success last night on our opening tour.  Our guest loved the new location “The Marco Island Historical Museum”.  It is the most stunning location in regards to viewing Marco Island’s early history.  The beautiful murals painted by local artist are wrapped around the building.  I  couldn’t have asked for a better depiction … Read More

Meet Reginald Frederick Lloyd V

Meet Martha’s newest and bravest assistant on Marco Mystery and History Tour! Yesterday Reginald was asked to go beyond the “caution tape”, to see if it was safe enough to walk about. As he put it “I don’t get paid enough to do this, as a matter of fact I don’t get paid at all!!!” … Read More